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Effortlessly generate and send invoices directly from Tally

RisingAPI's Tally Integrations offer your users a comprehensive solution for accounting and finance. Simplify complex tasks, such as sending invoices, bills, pending bills, ledgers, overdues, and outstanding records, all in PDF and text formats.

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Efficient Bill Sending

Tally Integrations allow users to interacting with bills, pending payments, and outstanding dues, helping them stay on top of their financial responsibilities.

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Accurate Ledger

Easily send all of your leadger outstanding, overdues and many more in one click. You can also set up automated reminders so that you never miss any payment.

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Simplified Media Formats

Simplified accounting by easily sharing financial data in PDF and text formats, helping users to know their purchases accurately.

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Sending documents Tally To WhatsApp, such as invoices and reports, directly from TallyPrime to parties and stakeholders is much easier now using TallyPrime with WhatsApp. To use this feature, you need to sign up for WhatsApp, by registering your contact number with WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) through an Interakt account. This topic explains the sign up process so that you can start using TallyPrime with WhatsApp. To begin with, contact your Tally Partner to discuss about this feature in details. Raise a request from your Customer Portal to initiate the sign-up process. Your Tally Partner will receive the request and get your Interakt account created. With the help of your Partner, you can then add your contact number to register with WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). Up on successful registration, your Partner will activate your WhatsApp subscription.